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Dear College Student,

These next few years should not be ones you take lightly.

These are the years that you try to decide who you are, who you want to be, and take the first steps to who you will become.

College is a time for contradictions. You will be both childish and mature.

You will most likely play dumb drinking games and not remember whom it was you slept with the night before./

You will put on your first suit and step into a meeting with your professors.

You will probably have your first job, speak with your first professional employer, and know what it feels like to be underpaid./

You will learn how hard it – still – is to prove yourself to someone else.

You will find that you are both over-qualified and under-qualified for jobs./

You didn’t think that was possible.

You might suffer from intense wanderlust./

You will worry about not having somewhere to settle down when you get old [read: thirty].

You will likely have several hook-ups and/or remain determinedly single./

You wonder when you’ll meet the love of your life and get married.

You might sleep around, and you wonder about when you’ll have children.

You might question your sexuality. You may or may not act on it [depending on where you live]./

You hate society for having rules and norms.

You will be physically independent from your family. Nobody can tell you what to do./

You will have very little money to call your own.

You might fall in love./

You might marry them.

You will become bolder, more confident./

You will find your old insecurities are still just beneath the surface.

You long for the day you become successful./

You will critique the wealthy [especially the bankers] for breach of ethics.

You want a comfortable job./

You would rather spend your time enjoying your young life.

Travelling the world becomes possible. All you need is a small bag and a shoestring budget./

You have all the energy in the world.

Learning becomes interesting – finally. You want to learn everything and anything. There is time to learn and time to un-learn./

You want to learn how to world works. You are told you should learn how one part of the world works.

Soon your college years will come to and end./

You will have to decide what to do then.

And it is then you realise that you cannot plan your future, because you no longer know who you will be in a few years.

Dear College Student, these next few years should not be ones you take lightly.

You could have it all.

But you will not know what sticks, and what does not.



The Apostles overlook St. Peter’s Square, watching the life change. The Romans built Rome to last forever, but things rarely stay the same. Photo Taken: December 2011.


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