Help! They’re coming for me!

Beware of Images ( created a poster poking fun at intolerance and the anti-LGTBQ sentiment.

Sometimes, discussing “controversial” issues becomes too difficult. But regardless of whether you agree or disagree about gay marriage or homosexuality (in the U.S. and around the world) – which many people do, on different grounds –  the first step is to recognise that queer people walk amongst us. They pay their taxes, they go to your schools, they pay for insurance. They shop, they eat, they vote. They breathe the same air, drive the same cars. They contribute to the economy, they build a future for their children. They are doctors, they are soldiers, they are politicians, they are students, they are your daughters and sons.

They are all human beings. Just like you. If you believe in equality, in democracy and human rights, then there is no reason to be homophobic. Can you detect you’re in the presence of someone queer? Not particularly. Can you feel your society crumbling before your eyes because of homosexuality? No. Does it hurt you physically to be around queers? No.

Bill Clinton (in his address to the Democratic National Convention 2012) made it very clear that discrimination hurts human growth. The way forward in any society is the development and investment of human capital. Discrimination and intolerance limits the number of people and innovators who can contribute to growth. Human capital is almost the single most important investment any corporate, community and governing body can make. Develop your human capital and see your society grow.

At this juncture, it doesn’t matter if you “like” or “understand” the LGBTQ community. Much like women’s rights, the right to be with who you love is a human right. And if you are decent human being, you should respect human rights. Homophobia (as a major issue) is the racism of the 2000s. Just as we eradicate racism on basis of human rights, we should eradicate homophobia on the fundamentals of human rights.

You don’t have to be gay, bisexual, lesbian, transexual or queer to respect the LGBTQ community. You just have to respect each person’s fundamental rights. You can be a Christian. You can be a Buddhist. You can be a Muslim. It doesn’t matter.

You just have to be a decent human being.


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  1. Here, here – good job of writing.

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