On being alone

Reykjavik, Iceland

Why do we villify being alone? Being alone is constantly being associated with being anti-social, unfriendly and depression. Being around people means sociability and is the antithesis of being alone. But that does not have to be the case. One can be social while appreciating what it can be like to be on your own. I think being on your own gives you a great sense and ability of being independent. That’s not to say you should be on your own all the time – that doesn’t really help one with the ability to live in the world.

I’ve done some of the greatest things alone: Visited Iceland, France and England, wandered about the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, discovered amazing Viennese hot chocolate and taken pictures that capture a thousand words. Being alone allows you to appreciate the people you have in your lives. =D

But overall, here’s a friendly reminder about the little things in life: You, Me, and Charlie 


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