Bibliophilic lives

The life of a university student very often revolves around the concept of knowledge. We are here, we sacrifice sleep, we sacrifice a social life, all in the name of the pursuit of knowledge.

But what is this pursuit of knowledge? Is it finite? Why do we run towards it? Why are institutions and billions of dollars committed to this pursuit? Different scholars would give different answers. I believe in the idea of the empowerment of knowledge in a creating a world that continues to provide wonder to the future.

But this is sometimes how I (and many of my peers) feel in the midst of this pursuit:

There is too much to learn. Too much to remember. Too many expectations of our education. We are of privilege, and made to feel the pressures that accompany it. The many subjects that we understand need to be useful, need to be applied to the world. You can be self-driven in your pursuit but you cannot be selfish in your knowledge.

At the end of the day, is it so important that we give our lives to the Tree of Knowledge?

I’d say yes, but I also think that not enough thought has been given to why we undertake this journey.


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