Neither Chinese nor Indian

Malaysians are a confused bunch. And it’s not always their fault. But here’s an interesting piece from LoyarBurok – literally translated into Bad Lawyer – on being a born to a bi-racial family and identifying at both Indian and Chinese at the same time.

The racial and identity politics of Malaysia are extremely fascinating, and would certainly wet any anthropologist’s appetite. Similiar to the black-white binary assigned to many bi-racial children born to both black and white parents, bi-racial Malaysians suffer the same fate. For Chinese Indians (affectionately called Chindians), the dichotomy is especially jarring, mostly due to the ethnic and religious identification necessary on official documents in Malaysia.

Issues such as these reveal not only the racial divisions within the country, but also the assumptions surrounding race and identity. Nonetheless, it does open up possibilities about inter-racial marriage within Malaysian society.


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